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Planetizen is a public-interest information exchange for the urban planning, design, and development community. We help you connect with people dedicated to creating better places.

Planetizen doesn’t accept spammy and irrelevant ads, and we don’t want to. Our goal is to connect relevant organizations and institutions with the right audience.

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Planetizen by the Numbers

You’ll find Planetizen on computer screens in most planning departments as well as land use consulting and real estate development firms.

Planetizen’s audience includes professional urban planners, planning commissioners, developers, architects, landscape architects, transportation planners, policymakers, educators, economists, and civic enthusiasts.

Planetizen is a top Google search result for hundreds of search terms, like “urban planning,” planning schools,” “smart growth,” “bicycle planning,” “public space,” and many more. In total, the website has well over 70,000 pages, generated over more than 20 years of operation. Simply put, Planetizen has a large and influential web presence in urban planning and related fields.

Advertising Options

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Sitewide and Leaderboard Banners

These ads display on nearly every page of the website.

  • Sitewide: Rotates between two positions in the sidebar.
  • Leaderboard: Exclusive placement at the top of the site.
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Schools Directory

Options for promoting your program in the Planetizen Schools Directory.

  • Directory Banner: Ads display on the Schools Directory landing page and all basic school profiles in the directory.
  • Enhanced profiles: Includes logo, images, description, and social media links. No outside ads appear on page, and the program appears at top of matching search results.
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Newsletter and Social Media Packages
  • Newsletter Banner: Your custom message is displayed with prominent placement in bi-weekly Newswire and weekly Jobswire sent to over 20,000 opt-in subscribers. Includes a free announcement.
  • Social Media Package: Includes an announcement and your custom message posted twice to our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages.

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