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Small Area Plans Status - 4 Plans Adopted

Photo from Sept 8 workshopCity staff is pleased to report that all 4 small area plans initiated in 2012 have been adopted by the TMAPC.  The West Highlands/Tulsa Hills plan awaits approval by City Council.  A public hearing for this purpose will be scheduled soon.

For each of these plans please visit specific home pages below to download and review the adopted plans, and for information regarding planning processes and community engagement.

PLANiTULSA Implementation Timeline

Link to Implementation Timeline documentThe Planning Division has developed an interactive PDF document illustrating the estimated timeline for implementing the various facets of the PLANiTULSA Comprehensive Plan.

The PLANiTULSA Implementation Timeline illustrates the expected timeframe for completing the action steps outlined in the PLANiTULSA Strategic Plan, which was developed to prioritize the specific actions needed to implement the Comprehensive Plan recommendations. 

Moving Forward with the Tulsa Comprehensive Plan

Since the adoption of the Tulsa Comprehensive Plan (PLANiTULSA) in 2010, the City of Tulsa has initiated key implementation strategies as outlined in the Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is the centerpiece of the City’s planning activities, as prescribed in the Comprehensive Plan.

Post-PLANiTULSA implementation highlights include:

  • Hiring by the City of Tulsa of Dawn T. Warrick, Director of Planning and Development in December 2011.

  • Development and adoption of 4 small area plans.

  • Selection a consultant and ensuing work to update the City of Tulsa's Zoning Code

  • City Council adoption of a Complete Streets Policy

  • Reorganization of the City's planning and development related functions into one division.

As the City of Tulsa Planning & Development Department continues its implementation of the Tulsa Comprehensive Plan, those activities will be listed on this website.

PLANiTULSA Implementation Strategies


If you have any questions regarding PLANiTULSA please contact:

Martha Schultz, Planner III - Small Area Plans Section Head
Phone: 918-576-5674

Theron Warlick, Planner III - Plan Implementation Section Head
Phone:  918-576-5677



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